Hi There!

The Undergraduate Statistics Society (USS) is your resource for all things statistics at Penn.  Driven by our three-pronged mission of community, academics, and career planning, we offer a wide range of events that bring people together, spark new interests in statistics, and link students with PhD students, professors, and professionals.

Each year, the USS puts on a plethora of fun and engaging events, broadly under three categories:

  • Speaker Events:  Urban analytics, election forecasting, climate change, sports statistics–we’ve covered them all!  Hear about the latest developments in research and real-world applications from some of the most influential statisticians and analysts out there.  Speaker events are often paired with heavily-subsidized trips following the talk.  Last year, we brought a group of nearly twenty people to the Wells Fargo Center following a talk on basketball analytics.  Stay tuned for what’s in store this semester!
  • Social Events: Games night, poker night, movie screenings, and more!
  • Statistics Study Nights: Come enjoy an open room with free cookies and last-minute stat help ahead of your upcoming stat midterms

The USS operates in a three-tier structure:

  1. Executive board
  2. Committee members
  3. General body members

The USS welcomes everyone in the Penn community.  To become a general body member, simply show up to any of our events and sign-in.  No need to apply!

Executive board elections are held annually in December, and committee recruitment occurs periodically on a rolling basis, typically concentrated around the beginning of each semester.  Be sure to join our listserv so you don’t miss out on any opportunities!


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